Nutricious & Delicious

Hand-picked farms, responsible processes, high standards – Aquascot stands for exceptional Scottish seafood

Health Benefits

Salmon the Superfood – a recipe for feeling great!

Brimming with essential Omega-3 fatty acids, rich in lean protein and a great source of Vitamin D, it’s no surprise that Scottish salmon has long been a popular choice for healthy lifestyles.

Coupled with a light and delicious natural flavour, it’s a versatile and tasty fish that can be served at breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Healthy Heart

Good for regulating blood pressure and keeping down cholesterol levels – lowering the risk of heart disease.


Strong Bones & Joints

Minerals keep bones healthy and help you maintain mobility and function.


Sharp Mind

Omega-3 and B-Vitamins take care of the brain and give you a real boost.


Mega Muscles

Lean protein doesn't get much better – perfect for healing, growth, muscle mass and metabolism.

Our Seafood

Trust, Expertise & Premium Standards

From the very start of the fish farming process to the delivery of freshly processed seafood to our customer partners, Aquascot’s dedicated teams seek continuous improvement and opportunities for further refinement at every turn.

We are equipped to offer full traceability of produce and offer a wide range of products including: whole fish, fillets, loins, bulk portions, lightly smoked salmon, and an extensive range of easy to cook meals.