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Producing quality salmon and trout for the foodservice market

Founded in 1987, Aquascot is one of the largest employee-owned businesses in Scotland – proud to be 100% managed by our partner employees and delivering outstanding Scottish seafood for over 30 years.

Our processing facilities in Alness use a combination of high-specification automated processing equipment and the expert craft skills of our team to produce fish products of a high culinary standard — all sourced from sustainable farming partners.

Quality and hygiene are at the forefront of everything we do at Aquascot, with rigorous checks and cleanliness standards in place to ensure maximum hygiene at all times.

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Supplying Scottish seafood to ...



Our salmon product focuses on exceptional quality to help UK hotels, restaurants, pubs and staff restaurant establishments differentiate their menus.



With cost and quality paramount, we have a range of nutritious and delicious salmon products to meet the special dietary needs of this sector.



Whether it’s banqueting, weddings or conference catering, our range of fresh Scottish salmon products allow you to consistently deliver exquisite menu options to your customers.

Helping Our Customers


Aquascot has been a dedicated partner of Waitrose since 2003. Together, we set high standards, share a passion for great-tasting, nutritious food and continue to invest in the Scottish salmon industry. We bring this passion to the foodservice industry, alongside an understanding of the importance of working with our customers to truly understand their requirements.


With significant company investment in the latest processing technology and new innovation encouraged at every stage, we have the capacity and resource to deliver proactively for our customers and meet their demands.


Our production processes are specifically designed to reduce waste where possible, but we acknowledge that small amounts of wastage exist. Completely eliminating disposal of waste to landfill and reducing wastage of food to an absolute minimum is an ambition of ours, and we are on our way to achieving that.


Fresh Scottish salmon — from the sea to our customers in just 3 days

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Our Foodservice Sales Partner

Aquascot is proud to work with FusionFSM, our foodservice sales partner, to bring our premium salmon products to the UK foodservice market. Should you wish to discuss your requirements, please contact:

Anne Wright

Commercial Director


Mobile number: 07775 703 256




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