Fyrish – Fish Processing

Processing Facility

Producing premium quality salmon and trout for retail

The Aquascot processing facility at Fyrish Way, Alness, is a busy and bustling place where we produce premium quality salmon and trout for retail – including whole fish and fillets for the fresh fish counter, and pre-packed portions for the chilled foods aisle.

Using a combination of automated processing equipment and the expert handiwork of our partner employees, this facility supplies our client Waitrose with fish products of a high culinary standard – from sea to shelves in a span of just 3 days. Our fish products are hand-crafted by our processing team - cut and manually trimmed where needed.

With a commitment to reducing food waste, our processing facility finds a use for every single part of the fish, any cuts of Scottish salmon and trout that are not to be sent to retail are donated to community groups to help feed those who need it.

Aquascot Alness fyrish

Fresh Scottish fish, from sea to shelf in just 3 days