Aquascot Trust Issues its Purpose & Principles

The Aquascot Trust has, earlier in 2021, re-defined its purpose as ‘Nurture wellbeing for all’. One example of how this can be interpreted is that we will care for and protect the growth of our businesses and the partners that work in them. Another is that we will consider the wider impact our businesses have on the environment.

Our Purpose

Defining our purpose is important as it gives us the reason why the Aquascot Trust exists for the long-term, it helps to form its identity and it is used to guide our decision making. This work, which required a lot of thought and discussion, was undertaken by the Aquascot Trust Culture Group, and was seen as an important step in the progression of the Trust cultural pathway.

Our values complement the Trust purpose: we are an Actively Ambitious team of partners, where Integrity Matters, who are Naturally Kind and fully believe in the Power of Partnership. For each value, a series of value sub-statements have been established so that we can better understand how to deliver the overarching values. The values are shown below.


Our Principles

Underpinning the purpose and values are 8 key principles, which identify our strongest priorities and ambitions. These are shown as a “patchwork” highlighting that the Aquascot Trust must consider each of these elements when achieving its business objectives.


Be sure to read more information on our journey to Employee Ownership on our website.

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