Aquascot Partners' Sustainability Initiatives Tackle Waste & Plastic Usage

Our partner employees are continually seeking new ways to make Aquascot more efficient and sustainable – a positive, forward-thinking attitude that we value highly.

These include reducing food waste, ensuring that we bring landfill waste down to a minimum and cutting down on plastic usage at every stage of the Aquascot production process.

At the time of writing, there are already extremely low wastage levels throughout our process – but our sincere ambition is to completely eliminate waste. This is a journey that, with the help of our partner employee teams, is well underway through a series of initiatives now in place.

Reducing Food Waste – using everything, donating food

Our processing facility finds a use for every single part of the fish – from the head to the tail, and everything in between. This includes bones and everything that doesn't make it into our products.

As well as using the fish ourselves, we donate to local groups and charities any 'off-cuts' that may not meet 'premium' standard. This is still highly nutritious and tasty food that should never go to waste because it doesn't 'look the part', and a great way for us to support our local community.

During the COVID-19 crisis, for example we donated fresh salmon and trout to the COVID-19 Support Group for Invergordon, Alness, Tain and Evanton – and we plan to continue to support where we can in the months and years to come.


Zero Waste to Landfill – reduce, remove, reuse

We recycle everything that can be, on-site, and aim to be sending no waste to landfill by the end of 2020.

We have already moved to zero food waste being disposed of at landfill, and send all of this to an anaerobic digestion facility nearby – where it is converted into energy.

Our commitment to continuous improvement means we are constantly innovating and challenging our supply chains to use more environmentally friendly materials wherever possible.

Our approach to plastic is simple – Reduce, Remove, Re-use.

War on Plastic - going recyclable, embracing re-usable

Our commitment to steadily cut down on plastic use is a gradual process. We re-use plastic materials where possible, and try to minimise the amount we have to use. We have implemented a number of recent initiatives, including:

  • Reducing plastic used in pre-packed trays – removing 14 tonnes of plastic from supply chain, annually.

  • Reducing plastic used in trays sent to Waitrose fish counters – removing 2 tonnes of plastic from supply chain, annually.

  • Removing use of polystyrene boxes for sending fish to Waitrose service counters – replaced with fully recyclable cardboard boxes.

  • Reducing the amount of plastic in reusable ear plugs – resulting in 50kg+ less single-use plastic going to landfill, annually.

  • Introducing the use of re-usable aprons – saving 300kg+ of single-use plastic from going to landfill, annually (see below).

Our Journey to Carbon Neutral

Visit our Sustainability page for more info on Aquascot's journey to become a carbon neutral business – the focal point of all of our sustainability initiatives across every department.

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