When we say we’re ‘the Scottish seafood people’ — what do we mean exactly?

Well, for one, Aquascot are proud to be a company that represents Alness, Ross-shire, in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland — our home since our establishment in 1987; and we’re also hugely proud of our people, and the way our employee-owned business structure offers opportunities, promotes real innovation and gives staff a sense of ownership in the realest sense. But, one constant in all of this is the seafood — our stock in trade, our finished product and our great responsibility, as we continue to help shape and drive the growth of aquaculture in Scotland with our farming partners, retail clients and the academic/scientific community.

A huge part of our business is Scottish salmon — for us, the best salmon in the world.

Tasty & Versatile Scottish Salmon

Fresh salmon is one of the world’s most beloved foods — a lean, delicious fish that proves to be distinctive and versatile at the same time. Top restaurants across the world have been cooking salmon from Scotland for haute cuisine for years — and at the same time you’ll find our salmon is just as ‘at home’ in a tasty and warming miso ramen bowl with hoisin and soy; or a perhaps a salmon fillet simply oven baked with a sprinkle of herbs and a squeeze of lemon. No wonder we call it #SuperScottishSalmon in these parts — we’re always finding new delicious ways to serve it and expanding our product range every year. The Aquascot Recipe Finder is a small (but growing) collection, including some Scottish salmon dishes you can try for yourself.


Miso Salmon Ramen

Lean & Nutritious Scottish Salmon

The huge benefits of making salmon from Scotland part your regular diet are clear to see — good for regulating cholesterol, Omega-3 and B-vitamins for healthy brain function, plenty of minerals for bones and joints and a good source of lean protein for muscle growth and repair — and our responsibility to bring this to the supermarket shelf in the freshest condition is matched by our duty to source our salmon to the highest standards of quality and welfare.


The Aquascot team on farm visit

Carefully Sourced Scottish Salmon

We work diligently to achieve the best possible standards of animal welfare throughout the entire product lifecycle — adhering to rigorous policies put in place in consultation with our retail partners, third party organisations and our own aquaculture experts. These policies apply to both the welfare of the Scottish salmon fish raised by fully traceable and audited farm partners and also the welfare of personnel who work at every stage of the process. We know that careful sourcing, continuous improvements to processing and efficient distribution is the perfect formula fresh and delicious #SuperScottishSalmon.

Sustainable Scottish Salmon

Our partner employees have also been hard at work on our ongoing mission to be more sustainable, reduce waste and lower our reliance on plastic by changing the materials used during processing. We’re cutting out waste to landfill entirely, and we make sure that as much of the fish is used as possible, including donating salmon off-cuts to help feed the owls at Blue Highlands Raptor Rescue & Conservation Centre up in Brora.

In Demand Scottish Salmon

Our Scottish salmon production capacity has been tested in the last 12 months by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the associated rise in demand for seafood from our dedicated partner Waitrose & Partners — and it’s a test that we’ve risen to meet, thanks to the dedication of partner employees across the business, our partners at both ends of the production chain.

In the months and years ahead, come what may, we will continue working to ensure that Aquascot continues to produce some of the finest #SuperScottishSalmon you’ll ever eat, and we’ll support our teams as they find new ways to do it better — we are the Scottish seafood people, after all.

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