Here to Support — Aquascot's Mental Health First Aid Team

The company's newly established Mental Health First Aider group have outlined their initial areas of focus and support.

Anyone can struggle with their mental health, and Aquascot recognise that mental health support is just as important as physical aid.

Regardless of whether it's related to work or not, a Mental Health First Aider is the go-to person for anyone at Aquascot who is going through some form of mental health issue or challenge. The first aider will be present to help guide the person in distress to the relevant help that they need.

Our Mental Health First Aiders Forum was established earlier in 2022 and they now meet on a regular basis to support each other, discuss areas of focus and plan 'campaigns' to raise awareness and understanding of specific mental health issues.

First Campaign

The first campaign focus for the Mental Health First Aiders group is the menopause — which was identified as an issue that should be discussed more openly and with a fuller understanding of the challenges involved. It's something has been raised directly with the group by Aquascot partners, line managers and through the Partnership Council, and is an often-overlooked issue in the workplace.

As part of these preparations, some members of the Mental Health First Aider team attended a webinar about menopause and mental health in the workplace, sharing their findings with the rest of the group.

The campaign spotlights menopause and its impact on women in their working lives — helping clarify it for the wider staff, and equip line managers with the understanding they need to manage their teams sensitively and supportively.

The Team

The initial Mental Health First Aid group formed covers a wide range of departments and areas of the business, and includes:

  • Sylwia Robertson
  • Patrycja Cisewska
  • Joanne Brogan
  • Stacey McFarlane
  • Tracey Round
  • Monika Hadyniak
  • Sandra Kennedy
  • Martin Caldwell
  • Henryk Buchwald

Anyone within Aquascot who has concerns about their mental health or questions about what the group can do for them is free to contact any member for more information and support.

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