Sponsorship & Judging Support for Regional Food & Drink Awards

Aquascot is proud to once again support the Highland & Islands Food & Drink Awards in 2023, sponsoring an award and joining the judging panel in a couple of key categories.

The team at Aquascot are absolutely thrilled to announce our proud sponsorship of the Highlands & Islands Food & Drink Awards 2023.

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The Highlands & Islands Food & Drink (HIFAD) Awards have long been recognised as a benchmark for culinary brilliance in the northernmost reaches of Scotland. This annual event showcases the extraordinary talent and dedication of food and drink producers, businesses, and artisans who contribute to the region's vibrant and diverse food culture.

As a company deeply passionate about providing high-quality, excellent-tasting, and sustainable seafood, our collaboration in this event underscores our commitment to our local communities and the flourishing food and drink industry across this great region of Scotland.

We are especially honoured to sponsor the category of Independent Retailer of the Year, which highlights the finest retail experiences the Highlands have to offer, and accept the Awards' invitation to join the judging panel on a couple of hotly-contested categories.

Our decision to support and sponsor these awards comes as no surprise, given our deep-rooted connection to the Highland and Islands community. For over three decades, we have aimed to be a pioneer in the seafood industry, sustaining a thriving network of producers who contribute to the success of our company.

The judging for the awards is set to take place from Tuesday 15th August and the much-anticipated awards event is scheduled for Friday 27th October. Bookings for the awards ceremony will launch on the HIFAD website soon.

As the countdown to the HIFAD awards begins, we invite everyone to join us in celebrating the rich and diverse culinary heritage of the Highlands and Islands. Together, we can elevate the region's exceptional flavours and highlight the sustainable practices that ensure a bright future for the food and drink industry in the Highlands and Islands.

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