Aquascot Celebrates Good Business Week

In a week-long tribute to exemplary business practices, Aquascot is celebrating its accreditation by the Good Business Charter. The accreditation, first achieved in October 2022 and re-certified in 2023, not only underscores our commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices but also amplifies the importance of being a good business in today's corporate landscape.

The Good Business Charter, an organisation dedicated to promoting responsible business behaviour, has recognised Aquascot's unwavering dedication to principles that extend beyond profits. It serves as a testament to our pledge to uphold values that prioritise not only financial success but also environmental sustainability, fair treatment of employees, and ethical business conduct.

Rachel Hannah, Head of Technical, emphasises the significance of the Good Business Charter accreditation. "We applied for the Good Business Charter accreditation in October 2022 having previously heard about it from another employee-owned business. For me, it looked like a good fit, bringing together many of the principles that we hold as important to us and also helping to demonstrate to our partners (employees), customers and suppliers that we are and want to be a good business."

Rachel highlights the practical applications of the accreditation, citing its use in securing grant funding for business improvements. "We have used the certification recently in a couple of ways, including demonstrating we meet the criteria for grant funding to support improvements within the business and as part of submissions for ESG platforms."

Furthermore, the accreditation has spurred us to delve deeper into our business metrics. "It is also encouraging us to capture and share data that we haven’t previously, including the CEO (Managing Director) pay ratio as well as challenging us further to consider our commitments to diversity and inclusion," says Rachel.

Against the backdrop of Good Business Week, we renew our commitment to not only meeting industry standards but actively seeking to surpass them. We know that good business extends beyond financial success, and requires a holistic approach that incorporates employee welfare, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility.

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