Aquascot in Line with Food Waste Goals

Our commitment is to reduce our Food Waste by 60% by 2030, measured against our Base Year of 2018/19 - this exceeds the industry target of a 50% reduction in the same period.

As part of the Environmental & Sustainability Focus Group, the 'Food Waste' workstream has worked this year to produce again a food waste report for the WRAP institute (Waste and Resources Action Programme). While our production volumes have increased, food waste has been kept to a low 0.5%.


Food waste data commentary

  • Food Waste data commentary
    • Our food waste totalled 29.4 tonnes in the year 2020/2021, equivalent to 0.52% of our total food handled.
    • This compares to 24.2 tonnes of food waste in the year 2019/2020, equivalent to 0.49% of our total food handled.
    • Our total food handled has increased by >700 tonnes in the past year and our internal controls have maintained our food waste at around 0.5%.
  • Positive actions in the past year:
    • 14 tonnes of food waste were recycled instead of being sent to landfill, so now we have zero waste going to landfill.
    • We have established our new Primary processing area, including a new trade effluent system.
    • We have repurposed 2,166 tonnes of inedible parts (either redistributed to the human food supply chain or to animal feed)
    • We are active members of WRAP and Waitrose working groups focused on reducing food waste. WRAP is the industry body that leads on the 2030 food waste reduction strategy.
    • We have established a Food Waste Reduction action group as part of our Environmental & Sustainability initiatives.
  • Our focus areas for 2021/2022 food waste reduction will be:
    • Sustaining and further developing our internal controls to reduce food waste.
    • Increasing the redistribution of food products to partners and local area when available.
    • Improving the management of pastry for our En-Croute products, which is currently responsible for 1/3 of our food waste.

You can read the case study here : Aquascot Food Waste Report 11 08 21

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