Charity Begins at Home

We're supporting the vital work of two local organisations who are making a real difference in the Alness area and beyond.

Many partners at Aquascot live in and around the Alness/Invergordon area, and through the Partnership Council, donations were once again made this year to two fantastic local charities: Alness First Responders & Cash for Kids.

The act of giving is close to the hearts of many of the partners at Aquascot, and this is also captured in two of the company’s core values — 'Power of Partnerships' & 'Naturally Kind'.

Alness First Responders

Alness First Responders is a volunteer organisation that was established in 2017/18 to support the Ambulance Service in their vital role in the Highlands of Scotland. In an emergency situation, Alness First Responders are able to initiate life-saving treatment before the arrival of the Ambulance Service. They use specialist equipment that can only be purchased with donations from the general public and companies like Aquascot.

This equipment saves lives, and there are people walking around in Alness today who are alive today due to the dedication of the team at Alness First Responders.


Alness First Responders

"Without this support, people would not be here today..."

David Ridgeway and Michel O’Neill recently gave a presentation about Alness First Responders to the Aquascot Partnership Council.

They recognised that Aquascot has been there for the organisation from day one, and without this support they would not be able to operate and provide the essential service that they do for the people of Alness/Invergordon. They also would not have been able to insure their response car or equipment such as the response medical kit.

Without this support, people would not be here today.

MFR Cash for Kids

Aquascot have also donated to MFR Cash for Kids — an organisation that helps needy kids across Moray, the Highlands and Aberdeenshire. Their mission is to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people who are affected by illness, poverty, neglect or have additional needs.

The money raised by donations has funded:

  • School trips and uniforms
  • Art sessions
  • Specialised equipment
  • Sensory items
  • Outdoor education sessions
  • Beds and bedding
  • Mental health support services for teenagers
  • Swimming lessons
  • Activities for young carers

MFR Cash for Kids

Aquascot has now established a dedicated charities group which has the aim of co-ordinating the charitable donations and activities of the company, in addition to encouraging partners to embrace volunteering opportunities.

If you’re an Aquascot partner and would like to know more about this group then please contact Joanne Brogan, HR Advisor.

If you want to know how to help these charities, visit the Cash for Kids and Alness First Responders websites.

Please give generously and support their important work.

Main Image: Edgar El, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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