Aquascot and Sister Company SHORE Team Up for First Local Beach Clean

Over the weekend, Aquascot joined SHORE and Tom Rawson of GreenTweed Eco to trial our first ever beach clean on the Cromarty Firth.


Our sister company SHORE The Scottish Seaweed Company is very much concerned about the protection of our local shores. They reached out to Tom Rawson, from GreenTweed Eco - which began in 2018 to bring communities, and young people in particular, together with the wild spaces around them. By organising and executing regional-scale events, GreenTweed Eco aims to engage a whole generation of schoolchildren to be the future guardians of our natural environment.

Our newly formed Charity Group jumped at the opportunity of piggy-backing this great event. Over 20 Aquascot partners, enthusiastically joined by their hubbies and kids, were happy to give a couple hours of their personal time at the weekend. Armed with gloves, bin bags and rubbish-pickers, the happy gang successfully cleared over 300kg of rubbish from the Cromarty Firth shore - including shipping ropes, fishing buoys, a bicycle, a bubble car, a tent and the usual bottles, cans, wet wipes and packaging.

We made the most of the day by then gathering for a well-deserved outdoor lunch at The Station in Alness, before going our separate ways. All agreed it was a win-win, as a great way to bond with work colleagues while doing your bit for the local community - and our only hope is that it is the first of many similar events!

Tom Rawson, GreedTweed Eco: "I was delighted both by the number of volunteers and by their determination to leave the area around Alness Point in a better condition than they found it. This beach clean showed exactly what a community can do when it pulls together but also how much work there has to be done to maintain the marine environment that we all enjoy. I hope that this beach clean will be the nucleus of a series around Scotland's East Coast that will help to reverse the insidious problem of plastic pollution on our shores."

Joanne Brogan, Charity Group Lead: "I was delighted with the turn out on Saturday and proud at the volume of litter we collected as a team. I never thought litter picking could be so much fun."

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