Aquascot Trust Issues its First Annual Report

After months of gathering information from departments across Aquascot and the sister companies, the first Trust Annual Report is now available to read in both English and Polish.

Although the Trust was set up in 2015, there was much to do in the early years by way of building the various parts of the Trust: IHCT, the advisory groups and Group Treasury.

That phase is now complete, and it is appropriate to issue our first annual report, covering the achievements of the year 2021 across Aquascot and the sister companies, both to our Partners and external stakeholders.

The report is an important act of accountability to the co-owning Partners. The Trust’s primary purpose is to act in the best long term interest of Partners, and in this report we describe how we do that.

In wider society, there is growing interest in how businesses impact on the communities and environment in which they operate. This report will help inform people and organisations in the community interested in following our progress.

The editorial team, comprising of Dennis Overton, Chair of the Aquascot Trust, Craig Moffat, Secretary of the Aquascot Trust, and Justine Fourny, Category & Marketing Officer, was supported by close to twenty contributors across Aquascot and the sister companies.

The finalised document was graphically designed by our marketing partner FortyTwo, with whom we have been collaborating on a number of various projects since the launch of our website in 2020.

Due to the international background of our Partners, the report was translated into Polish with the help of a translating agency, and reviewed internally by our Polish community, to maximise its reach.

Read the Aquascot Trust Annual Report 2021 in English.

Read the Aquascot Trust Annual Report 2021 in Polish.

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