We supply Waitrose with a wide range of different products, from whole salmon and trout including fillets for the fresh fish counter, to pre-packed 'value added' products.

We are committed to ensuring that our goods are produced without exploitation of others and that our partners, whether directly employed, contract or agency workers, are treated fairly and honestly, with respect, basic human rights and dignity. We have clear definitions of our values as a business and use these to help drive our behaviour and decision making, but we are also an Employee Owned business through our Aquascot Employee Ownership Trust which drives our representation and accountability internally.

We are members of Sedex, the Ethical Data Exchange, which is a member organisation for businesses committed to continuous improvement of the ethical performance of both our internal partners as well as our external supply chains. We are committed to being externally audited (SMETA) every two years to ensure an independent and transparent monitoring process in order to receive regular feedback and continuous improvement. In addition, we audit our temporary agency workers supplier ensuring compliance to the Ethical Base code (Modern Slavery Act & Gangmaster Licensing Standards).

Our own Ethical Trading Policy demonstrates our commitment to the maintenance, evaluation and continuous improvement of standards as set out in National and International laws, the International Labour Organisation conventions as well as our own customers' codes of practice. This policy addresses key areas such as employment of children and young people, security, working conditions and benefits associated with employment, and equality of treatment, representation as well as environmental and aquaculture fish welfare.

Ethical Trading throughout our supply chain is viewed as a high priority. We are entrusted to ensure high standards of supply chain working conditions, and we need to ensure that we work in collaboration with suppliers, and customers, to meet and exceed these expectations. We work in partnership with our fish supply network conducting 'Responsible Efficient Production Assessments', reviewing worker's rights and well-being on sea farms through Scotland. As a specialist supplier to Waitrose we align our ethical standards to be at parity with or exceed their requirements but also work in partnership with them in the development of practical ethical standard improvement across our supply chain and industry.

We believe that by adopting and communicating our codes of practice we, in partnership with our suppliers and customers are taking practical steps towards improving the issues of ethical and responsible sourcing.

John Housego

Partner and Managing Director