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What we do
We are a group of people happily living in the Highlands of Scotland with a passion for quality food, sustainably produced. Great food is a delight to eat and we think it can have a huge impact on people’s well being. Aquascot is as much in the health business as it is the food business. The dramatic landscape of the Scottish Highlands is surrounded on three sides by sea. So it makes sense that our main focus is seafood, particularly salmon, sea-grown trout and cod. Our business revolves around aquaculture- the farming of fish.We are passionate about building strong, collaborative communities of people working together, over time, to produce really good food.

The actors are a varied bunch: fishermen working in the wild waters of the North Atlantic who catch the small bony fish used to make the fish feed; processors of that feed; farmers- often living in remote and beautiful coastal landscapes; our own team of skilled processors; retail partners serious about excellence and, crucially, the people who buy and eat our products every day.